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after 5:00. clear to partly cloudy, the storm missing us to the south. that guy west of st. louis, that is going to be wednesday into thursday's nor'easter with rain and an outside chance of a little snow here wednesday night. temperatures in the 30s in many areas, oakland is down to 28. fredericksburg, 39 degrees this morning. so expect sunshine, certainly a jacket needed today with mid- 40s from hagerstown. 51 in fredericksburg and 52 here in the district. monika samtani, how is our traffic looking? >> really good for a monday morning. but again, it is a monday morning. at least if you head out the door early you don't have the big delays to worry about. coming in on 66 your lanes are open from centerville to fairfax. same story in herndon, reston and right on down the line to
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tyson's corner. west side of town, this is what it looks like from bethesda, all your lanes on ep. this time we'll head over to the other side, no issues at all. looking good as you leave new carrollton down to the wilson bridge and we'll take a live look at the beltway down south. and beyond into alexandria. i was at national harbor yesterday, just beautiful. back to you guys. an alexandria family is searching for a man missing now for two weeks. hurricane sandy hindered search and press skew operations for 69-year-old mohammed dhani, he suffers from dementia. well, believe it or not, today is the last full day of
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campaigning for the 2012 presidential election. seems like it has gone on forever, doesn't it? both candidates will stop in swing states before heading home. today the president will stop in wisc iowa, ohio before he travels to chicago and casts his ballot. mitt romney will be campaigning in florida, virginia and new hampshire before he finishes in boston where he votes tomorrow. and the final push is about getting as many people out to the election booth as possible. >> that is what is going to decide this. frankly there is very few, if any undecided voters left. >> more than 27 million americans have already voted in 34 states and that number includes 50,000 people in the districts. wow. time for the lastest your money report of the morning. >> good morning jessica. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. good morning to everybody as home. it is all about the elections on wall street. things will likely be quiet until wednesday, as long as we don't have another day like
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friday. stocks tanked on concerns that the airlines and insurance companies will see earnings suffer after hurricane sandy. the dow stands at 13118 after sinking 114 points. the nasdaq lost 38 and the s & p 500 was down by 13. all bets are off until the results from the elections are in tuesday night or wednesday morning. analysts are expecting the market to react. conventional wisdom says investors should expect a rally and a possible sell off if president obama holds on to his seat. romney is perceived as being more business and investment friendly. but the outcome of the congressional elections could play a much bigger role. blame the fiscal cliff, which could trigger tax hikes and spending cuts on january 1. in the meantime, you have been donating a lot of your money to the red cross after sandy. the agency received nearly
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$35 million through early friday morning. the initial outpouring has been strong, and the red cross can still use your help is that and helping can't get much easier than this. just visit our facebook fan page. for everyone who likes wusa9, we will donate a dollar to the american red cross relief fund for sandy. all the money goes to the victims. >> very good. it is good. >> you'll be back in 30 minutes, what will you have for us? >> the national debt clock. a lot of people talk about it. >> thanks jess. there is something covering even more ground than the presidential candidates today. >> the capital christmas tree will be on the road for a week before it gets to washington. and ahead in sports the redskins marred their 80th anniversary celebration with a poor performance against a one
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win team. we'll be right back.
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bundle up, we have temperatures down in the 30s and some low 40s out there. another chilly morning. looks like a diesel sent day though, sunshine here, not going to be a warm day. 4 by 3:00, potentially a high of maybe 51, 52, sunset just after 5:00. gets dark early now that we are on standard time. i'll be back in a few minutes, here's monika with timesaver traffic. on the beltway toward university boulevard, construction is still in place in the two left lanes. traffic is moving at the speed limit so scoot over to the right to get around it. i'll have more in my next
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report. mike back to you. a week ago today there was just a chance sandy would end up hitting us the hardest. >> instead the storm unleashed most of its power on new jersey and new york. many new york marathon runners stuck around to help after the cancellation. many wore orange vests, delivering backpacks full of food, first aid kits and supplies. 9news's matt jablow has more. >> we are ready to help. >> reporter: laura kenyan is head of the criminal investigation division of the city of fairfax police department. >> my co-workers rally whenever they need to. >> reporter: during more than 20 years as a police officer she has witnessed all types of tragedies. but none, apparently, that prepared her for the video she saw on television last week of the almost unimaginable damage
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she saw on the coast lines of new york and new jersey. >> i cried and came into work on friday and thought about what could i do to help. >> reporter: inspired by the images of the pain, captain kenyan moved quickly into action, organizing a food, clothing and supply drive that began on sunday at the city of fairfax police department. >> i just think it is time that we all just pay it forward. >> reporter: where people stopped by all day long in a show of generosity that captain kenyan says has truly reaffirmed her faith in humanity. >> reporter: what do you think of this response you have gotten so far? >> it has been heartwarming, amazing. people are good. >> reporter: the food and clothing drive continues at the city of fairfax police department of the all day long monday and tuesday. everything that is collected is expected to be driven up to the
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new york area early wednesday morning by captain kenyan in vehicles donated by a local car dealer. here are some of the other store ries making news now. a horrible accident at the pittsburgh zoo may lead and hopefully will lead to higher fences and railings there. this is awful. a toddler fell over the railing and somehow flipped out of the mesh netting there. he landed in an african dog exhibit and a group of animals attacked and possibly killed the boy. a dozen people were injured when a bomb exploded outside a hotel in syria. the latest violence comes amid a push to work out a new proposal to end the 20-month-old civil war at the united nations. how about a story to lighten your mood a bit? the capital christmas tree is
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on its way to washington. a 70-foot tall spruce cut down in colorado. the tree will be driven east nearly 4000 miles to the lawn of the u.s. capital for the holidays. remember the weeks of waiting for the 2000 presidential election to be decided? coming up, one expert joins us with how voting irregularities might affect tomorrow's results. rg iii reacts to the growing discontinue tent of the fans after a loss yesterday. >> whereis the love now. and howard has some warmth waiting for us at the end of his 7-day forecast. we'll be right back.
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good morning, welcome back to 9news now. 5:14 on this monday morning. the monday after a redskins loss, not always a good monday. >> all too frequently, unfortunately. weather is going to be fine today and tomorrow. a little bit on the brisk side. average highs in the low 60s, we'll be lucky to make the low 50s today and tomorrow. maybe wintry weather late wednesday and wednesday night. there is potential for a little bit of a change over on late wednesday, wednesday night. here's a look at your bus stop
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forecast. we have those 30s and 40s this morning. skies are cloudy, we'll end up partly to even mostly sunny. a decent day with 46 by noon. northwesterly winds with highs only maybe 51, 52. you can sort of see some of the clouds on us now. more breaks off to the south. i do expect this to break up later on. the clouds may actually be helping. we have a freeze warning from north of baltimore and toward the shanendoah valley until 8:00 where temperatures are running in the upper 20s. gaithersburg is 47, york 37. that may be protecting us a little bit. here's our michael and son weather camera. good visibility, 36 on the wind chill with a northwest wind now at national. that is one of the stronger
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winds around. temperature 43. >> this is going to turn into a nor'easter as we get into the middle of the week. futurecast, no problems here. this storm dives down through the mississippi valley. it will come across the deep south making the turn here, still no issues around here on election day. but then we start to watch tuesday night into wednesday morning. low pressure takes shape and looks like it is going to come up this way and there could be just enough cold air from dc, north and west, that we might actually switch over to wet snow. i know it sounds early and it is. battleground states looks fine in nevada, 70s and 80s, colorado with 60s and sun shine here. maybe rain, eastern iowa, wintry mix, northern wisconsin, 40s
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and 50s. cold in new hampshire, but dry and sunny. virginia may be not too bad. back into florida, jacksonville and orlando could be looking at showers and storms. the rest of the state won't be an issue. today 25 to 35. chilly tomorrow around 50. nor'easter wednesday 5. potential wintry mix wednesday night. let's go to man cay at 5:17. timesaver traffic. >> thank you, howard. if you are planning to head over to the beltway, overall generally things are looking good. you see that red forming there, that is because of a deer struck right before you get to route 202 right after the split here along the left side of the roadway. already slowing things down. keep that in mind, although it is against the rush hour. let's take a live look over in oxen hill on the beltway, traffic moving well here, if
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you are heading to the wilson bridge, it looks pretty much like this as well. back over to our maps, 270 southbound, closer in, rockville, bethesda. over to the beltway and the american legion bridge. it is beginning to get a tiny bit heavy just past this point as you approach route 121. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 5:23. back to you guys. the redskins trying to find a winning formula after losing to one of the worst teams. we want to take another look at our question of the morning. the average american does this 256 times a year. blow their nose, donate to charity or cook a meal? >> tonya mccaulley wrote c. i
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doubt a. >> log onto the wusa9 facebook fan page and we'll reveal the answer during our 6:00 hour
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ac 5:21. freeze warnings out here this morning. once the growing season is completely done, we don't worry about freeze warnings any more. through the morning just a
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couple of clouds still hanging out here with upper 30s by 9:00. we'll head toward lunch time 45, 46 or so and sunny in the afternoon. andrea and mike? >> the ravens come back from their game off and a big win. >> looking into into answers for their bye week. good morning, everybody of course. the skins were back home. they struggled offensively. this was a special day for the team and it was a game that they probably should have won. instead robert griffin iii's body language says it all. what the heck happened? the defense couldn't knock down cam newton. zero sacks for the redskins, an embarrassing outing for the skins homecoming celebration. fans are calling for serious
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personnel changes this week, which is their bye week. but rg iii says that is not the answer. >> people are going to criticize the coaches and the players. they are going to say a drastic change needs to be made. i don't feel that way. i feel it is on us we need to go go out and play. >> very disappointed as anybody would be. you look back and look at what we need to do as a stove to improve. >> for us to be on a downward trend right now is disappointing. -- to do as a team to improve. for us to be on a downward trend right now is disappointing. they got things started early. this touchdown pass to smith sealed the deal. the ravens end up beating the browns 25-15 to stay atop the standing. a quick look at sports this
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morning, have a great monday. you may think the campaigning ends tomorrow with the election, but another big push on capitol hill is about to get started. we'll tell you that in your money segment, coming up next. plus we'll have more on a local effort organized by police officers to help the victims of hurricane sandy. here's monika. >> reporter: no issues to report from the beltway here at the 14th street bridge. looking good at the roosevelt bridge. you are watching 9news now.
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good morning and welcome back for 9news now. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike haiduk. >> you explain howard. >> it is very funny. >> it is very funny. howard. >> i sent out an e-mail, i'm
5:28 am
doing the heart walk on sunday. asking for folks to help me raise funds and apparently i typed an m, instead of an n, in my last name. they are all laughing at me too. let's get to weather. >> thank you for sharing that guys, i appreciate that. >> weatherwise, we are looking at a cold start 30s and some 40s, although i have been called worse. 43 this morning and cloudy skies. there may be a few clouds at 9:00, but should be a good deal with sunshine. by 5:47 degrees, sunset today just after 5:00. we are watching this storm out here in the midwest, that is going to turn into a nor'easter. by wednesday. in the short-term, other than a few clouds here, we have temperatures in the 30s, even a few 20s in the shanendoah
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valley with andrews at 41. highs today in the upper 40s to low 50s, again with a good deal of sunshine. we'll worry about problems midweek and i'm going to fix the name on the e-mail. >> yes howard, we are laughing at you this morning. definitely laughing at you. timesaver traffic now. i'll try to get rid of my giggles. no issues to report on the beltway. how do you spell your own name wrong? lack of sleep for sure. college park into silver spring. you see the tiny bit of traffic there just beginning to change color. right now the lanes are open. 95 and 270. let's take a live look outside and show you what it looks like. you have that slow traffic route 109 to 121. this is dc traffic. we'll go back over to our maps,
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inbound, manassas, starting to get slow. i can't even talk. no problems to report and this is what it looks like in centerville. back to you guys. this morning gas rationing is still in effect in new jersey in the aftermath of superstorm sandy. today drivers with odd numbers license plates will in allowed to by gas. in many areas people are without electricity. however temperatures inside powerless homes are falling dramatically. 9news now kristen fisher is live in fairfax where police are spearheading a big relief ever. good morning kristen. >> reporter: good morning. one week ago this police department was bracing for superstorm sandy. today it is now two days away from delivering much needed
5:31 am
supplies up north. listen to this. >> i was just heartbroken to see devastation and the death and i actually couldn't sleep that night. i just could be. i cried. and i came into work on friday and i just thought about what could i do to help? i mean, was there something that i could do? >> reporter: that was captain laura kenyan, head of the criminal investigation division of the fairfax police department. she has been an officer for 20 years. but something about the images she was seeing on tv and reading in the newspapers, something about sandy hit her hard. she organized a food, clothing and supply drive that started yesterday at the city of fairfax police department. people have donated blankets, diapers, food, water, the drive is going to continue today and then wednesday everything donated will be driven up to new york and new jersey by captain
5:32 am
kenyan and other fairfax police officers. if you want to get in on this sandy drive, you have got today and tomorrow to do it. and the other big thing we have been talking about is how we have been sending or dominion virginia power has been sending crews up north to help with all the power outages there. back to you. with voters heading to the polls in just over 24 hours from now, virginia as we have been report asking going to figure prominently in the election and also the final full day of campaign 2012. for the second straight day, mitt romney has virginia on his list of stops, including a rally in our area. the republican presidential nominee is scheduled for what he is calling a victory you alley. romney also has events in florida and new hampshire. the president is sending
5:33 am
joe biden and his wife dr. jill biden to events in sterling and richmond. sunday the bidens attended rallies in ohio. wusa is appealing a fcc decision requiring this station to let pro life independent presidential candidate randall terry buy commercial time. rules require stations to give reasonable access to the ads of candidates for federal office. terry is on the presidential ballot in west virginia, but not in maryland, virginia or the district. in its brief wusa argued its signal doesn't reach west virginia and therefore it should not be required to run terry's ads. the commission argued the signal reaches enough of people in west virginia west virginia to meet the requirements. images of aborted fetuses or beheadings in the middle east were in the content.
5:34 am
in the statement wusa said we disagree with the decision. mr. terry is not running for office in washington, d.c., maryland or virginia. we will be asking the fcc to reconsider its decision. a fairfax county judge is expected to stipulate poll watchers cannot leave their seats or talk to voters inside the voting sites. poll watchers are there to answer questions voters have bat ballot. jessica doyle is back with more on a campaign against debt. >> reporter: would you believe your share of the national debt is $141,000? that is how all taxpayers individually as part of the more than $16 trillion in debt the nation has currently rung up, it is only going to get worse
5:35 am
unless something is done about it. the website aims to inform millennials about the nation's debt problem. >> thanks for having me. >> reporter: is this an issue they are focusing in on in. >> it ought to be. as you said our debt is $16 trillion. it can impact our ability to achieve the american dream. every generation before us was handed a chance to a better and brighting future. unless we get this issue under control, we are going to face a future with more debt, fewer jobs, higher taxes and a lower standard of living. some young people came together earlier this year and we realized every time washington kicks the can down the road they are kicking our generation i can't when you talk about millennials and voting you tend to hear a social message,
5:36 am
change message. how focused in are they on the dollars and cents issues in this case? the national debt which they will be paying in their future. >> i think millennials care about economic issues. the average student loan for college graduate is over $26,000. this directionally impacts us. our organization shows how the debt affects that. if we don't get the debt under control, we are going to have a harder time financing our education or home and increasing into a competitive global economy i can't these are definitely scary realities, not just for millennials but for parents, looking at their own personal situation and the situation for their kids. talk a little about your campaign. what are you planning next week? >> we are launching next monday, november 12th, from george washington university. the campaign will be over. and the time for governing will
5:37 am
begin. it is time for our leaders to work together to address this issue in a bold, balanced and bipartisan way. we need a deficit reduction agreement in early 2013, at least $4 trillion over 10 years. it needs to deal with more revenue, less spending, pro growth. it needs to be done in a way that the leaders put the country ahead of their parties or special interests and i have to ask you we got the fiscal cliff looming january 1. >> we are hoping that congress replaces the clip with the long-term comprehensive debt deal. we are going to have our mascot on capitol hill reminding congress not to kick us down the road any more. >> very matter young man. thanks for coming in. i'm going to send it over to andrea and mike. >> dc mayor vincent gray
5:38 am
decides to reduce some fines from cameras in the city. >> could council members reduce that finding? we'll explore that, coming up
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43 degrees. certainly a chilly morning out here. many readings are in the 30s. here's your day planner. clouds around right now. we'll have a few clouds early, but generally a sunny day ahead, with upper 40s by 1:00. high temperatures in the low 50s. i'll be back in a few minutes with the 7-day, talking about the nor'easter. looking good here on the northbound side of i-95. by the way, if you are using the orange line this morning, residual delays due to technical problem from vienna to minnesota avenue. more on traffic coming up in a few minutes. dc council member mary chai
5:41 am
is holding a hearing on fines for traffic cameras. for those going 1 to 15 miles per hour over the limit fines would drop from $125 to $100. however, those going faster than that would get $300 tickets instead of the $250 i can't the changes do not require council approval, and they are scheduled to go into effect starting today. how about some good news for the people in far western maryland? they could use it. the garrett county sheriff says about 95% of the state and county roads are open after close to 30 inches of snow there from the big superstorm. last week governor martin o'malley toured the areas hit. nearly all residents should have power by midnight tonight.
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i have been combing through the daily deals. here's a deal to display the holiday picture you plan to take to the family. google offers has a deal with a framing studio in washington dc. you will pay $49 and get $200 to use for any custom framing project. get an exam, x-rays and teeth cleaning for 5 bucks. that is going to save you about $250. this is with berkshire county dental. let's go have some fun. 901 restaurant and bar has an offer with deal city. pay $12 and get open bar for two on a friday or saturday night from 9:00 until 10:00 pm. get open bar for 15 people, start a little party. if you have an offer you have sent, i would love to hear from you on facebook.
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the presidential candidates are crisscrossing the country during their final day of campaigning. >> could the election end up with irregularities that marred the presidential race? a former white house aide turned author has nor. -- has more. sam shepherd is 6. tatum o'neal is 4 -- is 49. and kevin jonas turns 25 today.
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good morning and welcome back to 9news now coming up on
5:47 am
57:00. howard has lots to tell us about the weather so let's get right to it. >> reporter: yeah a nor'easter coming midweek. it will bring rain and wind and potentially a little bit of white stuff. if it gets cold enough, it is not set in stone, don't freak out yet, just want to tell you the possibility exists. here's your bus stop forecast on this monday morning. it is chilly with 0z and 40s in most spots. look at that sunrise at 6:40, it sets at 5:03 eastern standard time. our day planner, we should see a good deal of sun. brisk lunch hour 46. 3:00 it will be 4. by 6:00 p.m. we are back in the mid-40s and already dark. clouds this morning especially in central and northern sections. we have more breaks. with the breaks we have colder
5:48 am
temperatures. like i told you stanley toward harrisonburg in the mid-20s, fairfax is 38. it is 3 in rockville and also in arlington with 40s in springfield. outside on our michael and son weather camera, cloudy skies, good visibility. looking southwest out of forth west dc. 93 with a 36-degree wind chill. thanks for that north westerly wind. one storm missing us off to the south. going to take the turn through the deep south and up the coast as the nor'easter as we head into wednesday. we are fine here today tonight and tomorrow the storm comes across the deep south into
5:49 am
alabama. into georgia. by tuesday afternoon that energy transfers to the coast. it will throw rain and wind back toward wednesday. potentially late wednesday, wednesday night. your election day battleground state forecast there should be no issues voting in nevada and colorado. western iowa fine. especially in northern wisconsin a chilly day milwaukee wet, ohio cool. cold and dry, we head toward virginia and north carolina. in florida, a threat of storms there, good in the west and the south. temperatures on the pool side. 20s and 30ston.
5:50 am
tomorrow around 50. wednesday here comes the nor'easter. 45, potentially snow even mixed into it. thursday clearing and 50 and much warmer by the weekend. look at that monika. heart walk saturday morning. that is not bad at all. nats park, going to be beautiful. if you are planning to head outside, i can't call traffic beautiful. but it looks pretty good outside. no issues to report as you travel on the beltway out of town. if you are planning to take metro, wanted to let you know there are residual delays on the orange line. it is that convenience na to minnesota avenue. hopefully it should clear up shortly. on the inbound side or the beltway here, no problems to report on the outer loop. looks like we may have an accident near the gw parkway.
5:51 am
be aware of that, as i'll keep you posted back over on our map to southern maryland. a live look one more time, this time at the 14th street bridge. back to you guys. making news now at 5:51. overnight crews removed the wreckage of a tanker truck that crashed near seattle. sunday's crash saw three people injured. an investigation into what caused the crash is underway. 83 years old, reputed mobster whitey bulger, he had been on the lamb, disappearing from boston for more than a decade. he is now in the hospital in
5:52 am
boston. crowds cheered wildly as the uss enterprise pulled into its home in norfolk, virginia. the aircraft carrier will be dismantled and its 90,000 tons of metal sold for scrap. could we be covering an election controversy? a book has been written about this called turning point. we were talking just before we started doing this interview. i stayed up a lot of us stayed up all night long with the 2000 election, hanging chads, voter irregularities. are we going to see that again? >> my book talks about the voter irregularities in the 2000, 2004 elections. it if i understand a lot of
5:53 am
scary similarities. >> some of the things that have changed, election technologies have been updated. sometimes we have scanned ballots now other times electronic tab ulation. there are still some manual voting machines. are we going to end up seeing an election that goes on for a month? >> let's hope not. saturday we had a huge con versesy in florida. the governor was asked to zenned the voting days. to extend the early voting days. the former governor, charlie crist, has criticized him for that. in ohio you have the same kind of problem with lack of early voting. they decrossed the number of weekends for early voting in ohio from five weekends down to one weekend. so what do you think happens mike? all of these people try to show up on the last couple of days, so you have got six, eight,
5:54 am
nine hour lines going on. people are trying to vote and they haven't been able to vote and that is not good. >> now you can add new york into the equation. they are going to have to have portable polling stations because there is no power. >> and you have the e-mail faction situation for new jersey with governor christie has authorized that. that is going to be, that is very high-risk, by the way. you know, you don't have the security of a person showing up at the polling place. it is going to be interesting to see what happens. a lot of work for you. a lot of work for journalists. where do we go from here? can we change this for the better? > >> that is a great point. i have been a baseball coach for six season now. we need a good umpire. when we don't have a good
5:55 am
umpire or an unbiased umpire, you get controversy, in baseball the coaches start disliking each other. we have 33 secretaries of state that are partisan. no modern democracy in the world runs our elections the way america runs our elections. we need to move beyond that and have independent nonpartisan officials run these elections. >> thanks for joining us. the book is turning point. andrea, over to you. thanks mike. we'll look at local efforts to help hurricane sandy victims. coming up. do you talk politics at work? i'll tell you how most people are handling this hot potato topic on the job. you are watching 9news now.
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disney animation debuted at the top this weekend. the story tells of a film character who doesn't want to be cast as aville lenny more. the washington film called flight came in second place. argo hung in third and the man with the iron fist rounded it out. the average american does
5:59 am
this 256 times a year. is it blow their nose, donate to charity or cook a meal? >> peter wrote americans would be healthier if it were c, but probably a. thank you for watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> thanks for joining us. mr. bernstein has lots to talk about. >> by wednesday that is when a nor'easter does come up the coast with rain and wind. weatherwise your day planner on this monday morning, likable and chilly. 46 by noon, 47 at 5:00. topping out at 50, 52. the

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